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Our national

park is a very

special place…

Our_Story_header_image_darker_3000px_wide.jpg is one of the few areas of England where the ancient landscape has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years.  You will still find a mass of beautiful woodlands, heathlands and even the practice of commoning is still very much an aspect of forest life.

The New Forest blends ancient farming and management practices with contemporary entrepreneurship.  A thriving community of local businesses are awarded the New Forest Marque – a distinctive sign of quality, which is only awarded to products and produce that has been grown, reared, caught, brewed, produced or processed within the New Forest.  New Forest Stores has been awarded the marque along with many of our products - keep an eye out for it when browsing our products.

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Our Shop

New Forest Stores has its roots in the small village of Burley, right in the heart of the New Forest National Park.  Our shop is called Shappen Stores, which has traded on the same site since 1908, providing meat and produce to local residents.

Our dream for New Forest Stores is to provide a facility for those who can’t pop around the corner to see us every morning, but who still appreciate the value of good honest food and drink from the New Forest and surrounding areas.

Our Butchers

Having spent twenty-eight years learning his trade with the forest on his doorstep, our butcher Nick’s local knowledge is second to none. Nick only uses farms and suppliers he knows and trusts as custodians of the forest and its traditional practices.

You’ll find Nick with his apprentice Josh behind the meat counter at Shappen Stores from 7am, making the day’s sausages and chatting to the regulars as he dresses the window with the morning’s best cuts of beef, venison and lamb. A keen cook, he says “You can’t beat our slow-roasted shoulder of lamb, although our New Forest venison comes a very close second…“

Shappen Stores has a 5 * food hygiene rating.



Our Meat

Beef & Pork:

We source our Beef and Pork from Folds Farm, a family run farm set in 500 acres of The New Forest. Their animals are reared in idyllic surroundings free to graze within lush water meadows in a stress free environment while their pigs are free to roam the forest feasting on acorns during pannage season. 

Pannage Pork:

Every autumn up to 600 pigs and piglets are allowed to roam wild eating fallen acorns from the forest floor - an ancient practice which is unique to The New Forest. This acorn diet provides a more flavourful pork that is well sought after by chefs and food lovers. We sell Pannage Pork from November to March.


Our lamb is from Emma’s Ewesful Acres.  Emma, the Shepherdess raises her Lambs as naturally as possible to help conserve the local eco-system and habitats of insects.  Emma’s Lambs graze across tranquil wildflower meadows in the summer and acres of grassy fields in The New Forest in winter so are 100% grass fed.  


Our whole chickens are from a local family run farm called Noahs Ark Farm.  They have 35 acres of grass fields and the chickens have freedom to roam outside in the day and spacious houses to sleep at night.  They are raised naturally and grain fed without animal proteins, antibiotics or growth promoters.  


All of our game (Venison, Pheasant, Pigeon and Partridge) lives wild within the New Forest National Park and comes from licensed keepers.  As well as being more flavourful than farm-reared meats, wild game produce is usually leaner and more healthy, due to the active lifestyle and natural diet of the animals. 

Bacon and gammon:

Our Bacon and Gammon comes from Sandridge Farmhouse, another family run farm just over the border in Wiltshire. The meat is dry cured using traditional methods and not pumped with water so will sizzle, not drizzle in your frying pan