Teriyaki Sauce with Black Garlic

Teriyaki Sauce with Black Garlic


This luscious, rich and garlicky Teriyaki is blended with sweet black garlic and versatile enough to be used in stir fries or to marinade salmon. However, it doubles perfectly as a glaze for meat, add to a marinade or as a dipping sauce. After trying this Teriyaki, you won’t ever go back!

Based across the water on The Isle of Wight, The Garlic Farm has existed ever since Mrs Boswell harvested her first kitchen garden crop, 50 years ago. These days they procure not just the most wonderful varieties of garlic bulb, but also produce a range of delicious chutneys, relishes and condiments, all with a touch of garlic of course!

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Dark Soy Sauce (water, soy beans, wheat, salt), mirin (glucose syrup, water, fermented rice extract (water, rice, alcohol, salt, citric acid, koji (enzyme)), sucrose, spirit vinegar, phosphoric acid (acidity regulator), cane molasses), Black Treacle, Lime juice, Black Garlic (6%), Lime juice (3%), Chilli Puree (cayenne hot peppers, salt, acetic (acidifier).