Garlic Sea Salt with Chilli

Garlic Sea Salt with Chilli


The best seasoning combination - garlic, salt and chilli - ideal to have for any occasion! Crack over poached eggs, marinate meat, or add to sauces. This grinder has two settings for coarse and fine grinding.

Based across the water on The Isle of Wight, The Garlic Farm has existed ever since Mrs Boswell harvested her first kitchen garden crop, 50 years ago. These days they procure not just the most wonderful varieties of garlic bulb, but also produce a range of delicious chutneys, relishes and condiments, all with a touch of garlic of course!

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Potassium Chloride 35%, Garlic Chips 27%, Crushed Chillies 20%, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt) 18%.